Plexiglass adds basic-level protection to any frame.  Plexiglass is an incredibly strong material that will protect your art piece, photograph, or document from both physical and light-based damage.

Plexiglass is resistant to Ultra-Violet (UV) light. However, adding special resistance coatings to plexiglass can lead to an even higher level of protection. UV light can cause significant damage to photographs when left over time – even if the piece is located indoors. At its most basic level, plexiglass filters out UV light at wavelengths below 300nm.

Whether you’re protecting a college degree or a special keepsake, plexiglass protection is a must. In addition to protecting your piece from physical damage, its UV-protection keeps out much of the damage caused by the sun’s rays. Whether you’re exposing your piece to indoor or outdoor UV light, UV can significantly degrade the quality of any artwork or document when left over time.

Don’t risk having that happen to you. At Framed in the Village, our plexiglass protects your important pieces from the elements – guaranteed. If you want your piece to retain its vitality for the rest of its life, then plexiglass can help.