Art comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. So do our frames. Whether you want to display a rare movie poster or an original piece of artwork, our frames can protect your piece while making it look its best.


Posters and poster framing at Framed in the Village, Oklahoma City


Art of all sorts and sizes can be custom framed at Framed in the Village, Oklahoma City.


Art, paintings - Bateman print from Framed in The Village, Oklahoma City


If you have an original piece of artwork that you want to display, then our personalized wooden and metal frames can help keep that piece looking its best.


If you are looking for stunning pieces of photography to place in your home or business, we have a great selection for you to choose from. If we don’t have something you like in the store, we can order from numerous artists.

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a piece of artwork, you don’t want to set it in a low-quality frame. Even the finest piece of art looks bad when surrounded by an inferior frame. On the flip side, a good frame can make even average artwork look like a piece ten times its value.

Our frames are equally as suited to a professional art exhibit as they are to your living room wall. With superior quality and precisely engineered curves, it’s easy to be impressed by what you see. Our Master Certified  Picture Framer ensures that each piece look its best – whether it’s a timeless original or a piece of print artwork.

A good frame complements art, as opposed to taking anything away from it. Our experienced craftspeople will create the perfect frame to highlight whatever art piece you’re trying to show off.