The right frame can completely change the look and meaning of a photograph. At, we offer personalized framing and design on wood frames, metal frames, and collage frames. We also feature custom display cases and document cases, as well as shadow boxes and specialty frames.

All of our wooden frames are handcrafted to the highest degree of personalization and quality. We invest time and effort into our frames in order to make any picture look its best.

Wood Frames

Metal Frames

Collage Frames

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Specialty Frames

How do we create such top-quality wooden frames and cases? Well, Framed in the Village is home to Oklahoma’s one and only Master Certified Picture Framer. To reach that status requires a superior dedication to quality and a commitment to every aspect of the framing business.

Check out our selection of custom frames by looking at the pages below. But remember: the frames you see below represent only a fraction of what we actually offer. To see our full selection, give us a call or drop by our store. We’re always happy to show people around the Village.

We know our frames will be seen in a prominent place in your house for years to come, and we take that responsibility very seriously. When you order from us, quality is guaranteed.