In framing and design terms, a ‘mat’ is the flat piece of material which surrounds the art piece. The mat is included within the frame and helps to separate the piece from the glass.

Fabric Mats

Metallic Mats

Textured Mats

Suede Mats

Mat Colors

The right mats help you draw out more meaning from a picture, painting, or photograph. Choosing the right color and material can help complement any piece of art while protecting it from damage.

We have a wide variety of mats and mat colors to suit your needs, including fabric mats, metallic mats, textured mats, and suede mats. Our selection of different mats ensures that we can find the perfect texture, color, and material for any piece of artwork.

Many people are unsure what kind of mat would look best surrounding their painting or photograph. We’re framing and design experts, and we’d be more than happy to make that decision for you. We know which mats complement which color palettes, and we work hard to ensure that every customer is happy with our matting.

Whether you’re trying to create the perfect family photograph for your living room or you want to make sure that an expensive piece of artwork looks perfect, mats from Framed in the Village can squeeze extra color and vibrancy out of any piece.