See the difference in color between the outside edges and the middle of this document? They were originally the same color. This is what happens when something is not properly preserved.

We all have items we want to preserve. Maybe you have old documents that are getting faded. Maybe its an award you won or a piece of memorabilia that means a lot to you or your family. Truth is, without a proper enclosure/frame of some sort, anything you own is going to fade or disintegrate over time. Here at Framed In The Village, we can take care of that!

(Check out the image to the left to see what happens when something is not properly preserved.)

We can do much more than just simply frame your item. We can encase it in such a way that is looks beautiful and can be preserved for generations, turning a neat document or item into a family heirloom.

Not only that, we can encase it in any style you want. With the only Certified Master Framer in the state and thousands of different types of frames, display cases, and shadow boxes, we know that you will be more than happy with your newly preserved item!