Conservation Clear Glass

Finding the right combination of UV protection and visible light reflection is important. To make your photograph, painting, or keepsake look its finest, you need to prevent sun damage while letting the color and vividness of the piece to shine through.

This requires a special type of glass. You want powerful UV-protection but you don’t want the glass to block out the characteristics of the piece you’re trying to display. That’s why you need Conservation Clear Glass, which is a specially formulated framing material that blocks out 99% of Ultra-Violet (UV) light while allowing the visible light spectrum to freely pass through. This ensures that your art piece always looks its finest.

When you use Conservation Clear Glass, the 2.5mm glass coating protects your art piece against indoor and outdoor UV rays. UV protection is actually ‘baked’ into the glass in order to provide permanent bonding. In other words, the glass coating will never degrade. Conservation Clear Glass can be used on art pieces anywhere in your home, as both indoor and outdoor UV light can cause significant damage to art pieces when left over time.

Conservation clear Glass provides professional-level UV protection and meets ISO certification. No matter what you’re trying to display in your home, Conservation Clear Glass makes sure it looks its best for as long as possible.