Conservation Reflection Control Glass

Unfortunately, even the best-looking photographs and art pieces can degrade when left unprotected for a long period of time. Sun damage causes fading and other noticeable signs of aging, and in order to protect your memories and valuables, you need a specially formulated material that reflects UV-light while letting all of the characteristics of the piece to shine through.

As opposed to Conservation Clear Glass, Conservation Reflection Control Glass features a matte-like finish which minimizes the amount of glare reflected from your art piece or valuable document. Conservation Reflection Control glass allows the true beauty of any piece to shine through while minimizing the amount of damage caused by the sun over time.

How does Conservation Reflection Control work? Well, instead of reflecting the light directly back at the viewer, the specially-formulated glass scatters the light in many different directions. This means that the viewer can see the beauty of the artwork regardless of how bright your home is.

More importantly, Conservation Reflection Control Glass also features a layer of UV-protection. This protects your art piece from approximately 99% of damage caused by Ultra-Violet rays. Contact Framed in the Village today to make sure your piece looks its best for the rest of its life.