Museum Glass

Museums have two primary jobs: they preserve art pieces and put them on display for everybody to see. For that reason, museums need to have glass with powerful UV-protection while allowing most of the visible light spectrum to shine through.

Whether you’re framing a personal keepsake, a college degree, or an original piece of artwork, Museum Glass from True-Vue offers professional grade protection against UV light while allowing the finest elements of the piece to appear visible to the naked eye. With Museum Glass, the full spectrum of color is clearly visible – and it will remain that way for the lifetime of the piece due to powerful UV protection.

Museum Glass features an incredibly low reflection rating. Only 1% of visible light is reflected away from the surface, which means that the true glory of the piece will always shine through. At 1%, Museum Glass has the lowest possible reflection rating available while still maintaining ISO certified UV protection.

This makes Museum Glass an ideal material for showing off original artwork or other high-quality pieces. Since its UV-protection is as high-grade as Conservation Reflection Control Glass and Conservation Clear Glass, Museum Glass is best used in all lighting environments, or in areas of your home exposed to direct sunlight. All though sunlight is never recommended for your art work.

In addition, Museum Glass features an optical coating that allows for the clearest and most vivid colors to shine through. To make your piece look its best while protecting it from the elements, you need Museum Glass.